Founded in 1903, the WEA has been at the forefront of making lifelong learning a practical reality for thousands of frontline workers, often with few or no formal educational qualifications. Our values and ethos align with those of the union movement and our work together will be of increasing importance as the fall-out from the Covid-19 pandemic kicks-in and the full affects are felt across the UK economy.

Technology is enabling us to engage and support more learners than ever before and support connections to us and follow learners all over the country. We look forward to supporting even more to develop and celebrate their inner talents, be that creative or practical. 

We know that learning, not just skills training, has huge benefits to building communities, connection and mental health – all of which support a healthy local economy.

If you don’t find the course or solution you are looking for amongst those listed below please get in contact and we will see if we can help. We usually can.