ESOL and Literacy learners

A few months ago I wouldn’t have been able to fill this form in and I now read a lot more to my grandson.

I enjoyed discussing with my children and involving them with my homework.
  Was able to help kids more with their homework. 

I feel confident enough to complete this course and go on and do the SVQ 4
so I can run my own nursery someday.

I met a lot of nice people what made me more comfortable speak English
and learn new words and facts about UK.

I have improved my writing skills and feel more confident to speak.

Being involved in this course has let me be more confident in myself
and was able to speak out for myself in front of other people.

It had helped me deal with different things in my life and family.


Employability learners

The course was perfect for me. I now have a job I love

Would never have found this job without your help.

This course has given my confidence a much needed boost.

Attending this class has built my confidence and knowledge.  I’ve gone onto
a computer class and gained a qualification – my first ever!

Last week I got a job.  I am over the moon.  This is my first paid job in 17 years. 
I thought I was going to be on the dole until I was retired.


Agewise Tools for Transition

The workshop exceeded my expectations.  I came along feeling unsure what to expect and I left
feeling that I was heading forwards with enthusiasm.  I have less of a sense of uncertainty.  I feel
more positive but in a realistic way, facing up to the fact that at my stage of life may mean I have
more transitions in my future but not to let that stop me enjoying life.

I was taken out of my comfort zone but found this so rewarding.


Practitioner and Volunteer learning

Made me understand the importance that adult education can play in improving people’s lives.

Teaching style was excellent and interactive.  Got everyone involved and sharing ideas/experiences.

As a new ESOL teacher I have gleaned many fantastic strategy ideas.

Lots of good ideas for working with older learners.

This session has helped me reach a greater understanding of the range of difficulties
facing anyone with dyslexia.  It has also reassured me that there is not one method of
dealing with this and a selection of strategies were given and discussed with the group.

Excellent activities.  The dictation exercise was my favourite and worst at the same time. 
I really felt a feeling of fear which I have never felt before. It has really helped me to understand
in 3 hours what being dyslexic may be like.

Made me appreciate the difficulty of someone coming to a new country where they may
not speak or read English.