The WEA creates and delivers courses in response to local need.  Our staff are valued for their local knowledge, their passion, and for treating learners respectfully as individuals and building trusting relationships.  They can blend a number of skills into a single course that is designed specifically for a target audience.  This means that the WEA can deliver high quality courses on a number of levels, e.g. blended ESOL with employability, or literacy with reminiscence work.

Most of our projects fall under the categories of workplace learning, but some are held in community settings and some are open to the public.  We also provide learning and development opportunities to other professionals and learning practitioners.

WEA Scotland works within a wide policy context, both devolved and reserved, and contribute significantly towards shared goals and ambitions for Scotland.  Each project listed in this section highlights the policies that we are helping to achieve under the Scottish Government's National Performance Framework for a Wealthier and Fairer, Smarter, Healthier, Safer and Stronger and Greener Scotland.