Open Programmes Highlands

Our open programme in Highland is normally advertised to the general public and organised either by a member of our staff or through our local associations.  These courses are subsidised by our local authority partners Highlife Highland through a Service Level Agreement.   Our open programmes and courses sometimes have a small fee to attend which is paid for by the individual learners.   


An Introduction to Science in Everyday Life

Case Study: An SCQF Learning Journey – WEA Scotland Pilots their Credit Rated Science Course 

“An Introduction to Science in Everyday Life” - SCQF Level 4 with 3 SCQF Credit Points.  

The Awarding Body


The project aim is to get those who are facing difficulty in over coming the barriers they are facing to employment. It doesn’t just focus on creating cvs and cover letters but looks at the whole process holistically.

Financial Literacies & Financial Citizenship

Financial Literacies sessions help learners deal with the financial transactions they come across in their day-to-day lives, including understanding payslips, credit card costs, paying bills, and an overview of in- and out-of-work benefits. Designed around the needs, interests and numeracy levels of learners, these classes take some of the stress out of money-management.

Charity Counts – Numeracy for Charity Shop Volunteers

The WEA has developed practical numeracy based training for charity shop volunteers to help increase charity shop surpluses and develop skills for everyday life and the retail sector

ESOL in the Workplace

To assist participating learners improve their English language and communication skills and help with employability and integration. Learners could for example include migrant workers needing to understand the language of their workplace and communities.

Employability 1-1

WEA Highland are working with the Highland Council Employability team and Invergordon Job Centre to provide 1-1 Employability support and mentoring to people who are long term unemployed. Many of these clients have long term health issues, low or no qualifications, lack confidence and motivation and have had poor levels of engagement with Job Centre staff. Our support is improving outcomes for these learners. 

Workplace Learning

In Scotland, the WEA has a strong workplace learning strategy. The starting point of all WEA workplace learning activity is the learners. Curriculum is negotiated and developed around the individual learner’s purposes and goals and embedded in the wider social context of the workplace.

Our tutors and learners interact and share experiences as adults.  Our learners gain confidence and motivation to learn new skills and take part in workplace and community life.

Working with unions

The Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) have funded our work with trade unions and employers through the Scottish Union Learning Fund and this has enabled us to work in partnership with other trade unions to deliver workplace learning across a number of industries.

in 2019-20 we have worked in partnership with several unions including USDAW, UNISON, UNITE, PCS, POA, Community and AEGIS

Some examples of relevant courses the WEA can provide are:

Workplace six word stories

Promote engagement with existing learning services at a specific workplace / location through the use of a writing competition that is accessible to all.