An Introduction to Science in Everyday Life

Case Study: An SCQF Learning Journey – WEA Scotland Pilots their Credit Rated Science Course 

“An Introduction to Science in Everyday Life” - SCQF Level 4 with 3 SCQF Credit Points.  

The Awarding Body

ESOL and Employability for Syrian Refugees

The aim of the project is to support Syrian New Scots settled in North Ayrshire  to build a life in Scotland.  The focus of the project is Employability..

The programme set out to provide intensive English language support to integrate into North Ayrshire life and communities but also allow refugees to consider employment as a realistic medium to long term prospect.  It also recognises the value of English learning within the context of skills development and appropriate work experience.

ESOL for Resettlement and Integration

While COVID 19 has brought its share of challenges, Education Coordinator for the Women in the Highlands Project: Harriet Tay, outlines a number of benefits that have materialised from the delivery of virtual learning

Employability 1-1

WEA Highland are working with the Highland Council Employability team and Invergordon Job Centre to provide 1-1 Employability support and mentoring to people who are long term unemployed. Many of these clients have long term health issues, low or no qualifications, lack confidence and motivation and have had poor levels of engagement with Job Centre staff. Our support is improving outcomes for these learners. 

Unemployed Job clubs

The aims of offering learning opportunities in the workplace are to remove barriers to participation to those in low paid and low skilled roles.  WEA’s mission to reach those who could benefit most.  Workplace learning is a very valuable route into adult learning and offers opportunities to build skills and confidence.

Employability fund

The aim of the Employability Fund Project is to help unemployed East Ayrshire residents aged 18+ move into sustainable work.