Open Programmes Highlands

Our open programme in Highland is normally advertised to the general public and organised either by a member of our staff or through our local associations.  These courses are subsidised by our local authority partners Highlife Highland through a Service Level Agreement.   Our open programmes and courses sometimes have a small fee to attend which is paid for by the individual learners.   


Walking group

The aim of the walking group is to get folk out and about in Aberdeen City and Shire and to explore some of the beautiful countryside the north east of Scotland has to offer. The aim is to widen social circles, provide structure, improve health, both physically and mentally, and introduce those who participate to the great outdoors. Literacy and numeracy skills are also improved through planning walks and working out speeds and distance travelled.

The John Muir Award

The aim of the JMA is for those involved to gain a better insight into their natural surroundings and this in turn raises confidence and self esteem levels. It also gives those who engage a better idea of the challenges we face in the great out doors in keeping a natural balance between humans and mother nature.


The aims of the gardening project are to help those who engage grow fresh fruit and vegetables in a safe and secure environment. It shows the importance of eating fresh food and also shows how cheap it can be therefor leading onto improved budgeting skills and an increased in confidence. It also shows how easy it is to grow your own food and that you don’t need a big out door space. 


The aim of the football project is to offer a diversion from the day to day problems many of those who participate face. It helps those who are going through problems with substance misuse to stay ‘clean’ because of the physical nature of the activity. It keeps folk both mentally and physically fit therefor improving mental health issues. It also helps to improve literacy and numeracy skill through pricing pitch hire and working on tactics.

Writing for Social Media

Participants will develop new literacy and digital skills. By the end of the course, they will have produced quality pieces of writing, of varying lengths, ready for publication on their organisations’ websites, blogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

ICT, STEM & Literacies: Support for Workplace Learners

Workplace learners completing vocational qualifications sometimes struggle with the ICT and written aspects of their vocational courses. WEA tutors can come into the workplace and provide literacies and ICT support at a time and in a place that works for learners.

WEA Learning Circles start-up course

Wish your WEA course would last a little bit longer? Now you can make it happen. This course can be used as an add-on to an existing course or programme of learning. Groups will develop the skills, knowledge and structures required to continue shaping their own learning through running autonomous ‘Learning Circles’. Learning circles will meet regularly to work on projects of their own choice and may request tutor-input in the future, where appropriate, and as funds allow.

Journaling with Service-users

Learners will learn about the many benefits of journaling, both for mental and physical wellbeing. They will explore practical journaling activities that can help service users develop a safe and effective journaling practice.

Journaling for Wellbeing

Through learning how to start and maintain a regular journaling habit, participants will develop new strategies for improving their own mental-wellbeing, discover useful problem-solving skills, and find strategies for identifying what problems they might want to share with others.