This project aims to increase the social connections and opportunities for non-native English speakers -  in this instance Syrian New Scots -  to use their English outside the classroom, using a peer education approach to encourage  participation in collective actions to the benefit of the group and the local community.

The project targets local people, whether native English speakers or not. It provides a social setting for meeting and sharing culture, language and friendship within the local community. Collective actions are carried out in, and with, the local community to enhance everyone's experience of meeting people from other cultural backgrounds, thereby  giving  participants access in trying new things in a safe and supported environment.

Many learners felt they spoke more confidently in their ESOL classes and were more confident going to the shops on their own (women).

Two learners reported that the sessions gave them more experience speaking English and this made them feel more confident to travel on public transport to study in the nearby city.

Outcome for Students
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