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Project Aim

The Power Up workshops are used to develop confidence and empower women.

Project Description

Power Up workshops are delivered with the aim of increasing the confidence of the women learners, so that they would be empowered to take up further opportunities. In a supportive environment women were shown how to safely use jigsaws and power drills and within the timeframe of the workshop were able to make a cake-stand: if you can drill through a plate without shattering it, you can drill through a tile. These workshops were incredibly successful with 75% and 83% of participants reporting an increase in confidence in 2 of the workshops. In the remaining 5 workshops 100% of participants reported an increase in confidence.

Target Audience

Women living in the Highlands

Learner testimonials / success stories

"To be able to make something after an hour using machinery was amazing. So satisfying"

"I loved learning new skills and feeling able to do things on my own"

"Exceptional day"

"I feel very enthusiastic and want to go and try more things"

"Just smiled throughout as we practised skills"