Journaling with Service-users

Learners will learn about the many benefits of journaling, both for mental and physical wellbeing. They will explore practical journaling activities that can help service users develop a safe and effective journaling practice.

Journaling for Wellbeing

Through learning how to start and maintain a regular journaling habit, participants will develop new strategies for improving their own mental-wellbeing, discover useful problem-solving skills, and find strategies for identifying what problems they might want to share with others.

Financial Literacies & Financial Citizenship

Financial Literacies sessions help learners deal with the financial transactions they come across in their day-to-day lives, including understanding payslips, credit card costs, paying bills, and an overview of in- and out-of-work benefits. Designed around the needs, interests and numeracy levels of learners, these classes take some of the stress out of money-management.


This course aims to use the shared life experience of older people to help combat isolation, reduce loneliness and provide mental stimulation.

Family Matters

The course aims to build family resilience for the future, by providing parents/carers of primary school children with some insight and tools for raising confident children.

ESOL in the Workplace

To assist participating learners improve their English language and communication skills and help with employability and integration. Learners could for example include migrant workers needing to understand the language of their workplace and communities.

ESOL for Resettlement and Integration

While COVID 19 has brought its share of challenges, Education Coordinator for the Women in the Highlands Project: Harriet Tay, outlines a number of benefits that have materialised from the delivery of virtual learning

Open Programmes Edinburgh and Lothians

To make available stimulating and enjoyable adult learning opportunities to people from across Edinburgh and further afield. 

A range of programmes and courses are available at central venues across the city. Many of the courses run several times per year and benefit from having hugely experienced and committed tutors. Courses and subjects include:   

▪ Exploring Scottish Literature
Fun, friendly and informative course exploring the and celebrating the vast treasures to be found within the many centuries of Scottish Literature.

Women in the Highlands

One of the great successes of this project has been the formation of a Women in the Highlands Choir. They have performed at several events in the Highlands including the Women in the Highlands Annual Conference

Social Studies Discussion Group

The course aims ot build confidence and self esteem of students, and increase understanding of local and world events

This discussion group will give group members a chance to have a closer look at things that affect our everyday lives - what's on TV or in the papers, the things people do and why they do them, events in the local community or national and international affairs.


"Being involved in this course has let me be more confident in myself and was able to speak out for myself in front of other people"