In Scotland, the WEA has a strong workplace learning strategy. The starting point of all WEA workplace learning activity is the learners. Curriculum is negotiated and developed around the individual learner’s purposes and goals and embedded in the wider social context of the workplace.

Our tutors and learners interact and share experiences as adults.  Our learners gain confidence and motivation to learn new skills and take part in workplace and community life.

Workplace learning students come to the WEA through their place of work and through our partnerships with trade unions and employers.  We focus on workers in the public and private sectors who have experienced little or no formal learning since leaving school.

A wide range of learning opportunities, from non-accredited core skills for life, including adult literacy and numeracy in the workplace, to higher levels of accredited courses are provided for adults who want to return to learning and further their personal and occupational development.

Benefits for the employer include employee engagement and retention, increased productivity and performance.

Learners gain confidence, increased knowledge and skills, improved literacy, numeracy, language, employability and IT skills. 

The WEA have experience in delivering workplace learning to fit around shift patterns and can deliver on weekends.

Working in collaboration with UNISON we promote lifelong learning in the NHS and local government settings.  We also delivery workplace learning through our Service Level Agreements with Local Authorities and the Scottish Trade Union Council funding streams.

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