The Environmental Art class is designed to get learners out and about and at one creatively with Mother Nature. Our aim is to explore the long standing links between the outdoors, therapeutic art and overall wellbeing. We provide an opportunity for inclusive and supportive group work, where learners can experience art making in a natural environment. The course improves confidence and broadens art practices whilst raising better awareness of our great outdoors.

We are ditching the paintbrushes and working with only naturally available materials to create art in specific green spaces within the city. We will be making sculptures on each site, using twig, grass, stone and anything else usable. A session will be spent making natural paints and dyes, an ancient practice almost lost nowadays. We will explore the seasons shift and embrace the ever changing palette at our hands – leaves from green to golden brown, twigs and branches now aground. Working in a group will allow the sharing of ideas and the flow of art to ever evolve.