These workshops aim 1) to raise awareness of the nature and prevalence of dyslexia and  2) to highlight some strategies to help in the teaching environment

The workshop will be useful for staff and professionals from a range of organisations – both those who teach and those who deal with the general public. They use practical examples to allow participants to better understand the lived experience of dyslexia, to develop their ability torecognise it, understand its prevalence, and to identify and employ some useful tools in helping deal with it.
“When we had to write with our non-writing hand and listen to dictation.  I found it challenging and under pressure to write fast.  I ended up giving up and had a little view as to how individuals feel every day.”

”It has been helpful having an introduction to the subject and being able to increase my knowledge of dyslexia and how that affects people.  I particularly enjoyed one activity where we had to write with our other hand while the trainer read aloud

“Excellent activities.  The dictation exercise was my favourite and worst at the same time.  I really felt a feeling of fear which I have never felt before.  It has really helped me to understand in 3 hours what being dyslexic may be like.”

 “This session has helped me reach a greater understanding of the range of difficulties facing anyone with dyslexia.  It has also reassured me that there is not one method of dealing with this and a selection of strategies were given and discussed with the group.”

“I liked the various activities and scripts shown and how to deal with it.  How a dyslexic person would perceive it and how one can make little changes that could help a person with their learning needs or styles.”

Outcome for Students