Through getting involved in a range of creative writing projects, learners will develop a closer relationship to, and pleasure in, their own writing. Placing learners at the centre of their learning, no two WEA Creative Writing courses are alike. Past projects have seen learners publish books of their work, perform at venues throughout Glasgow or go on to take part in a variety of further learning.

Each Creative Writing Course run by the WEA is unique, responding to the needs and desires of each particular group.

For example, when a group of volunteer radio workers in Govan wanted help with their Radio and Communication course-work, a WEA tutor met with the group and together they negotiated a programme of learning that would focus on the skills they wanted to develop, both for their course-work and to improve their own radio shows. The group worked on jingles and programme introductions, as well as producing longer pieces of creative work that could be broadcast on their radio station. By building on their existing skills, in a way that was of genuine interest to the group, learners were able to develop new literacy and communication skills in a relaxing and fun environment.

Another creative writing project, run in collaboration with the Communication Workers’ Union and Scottish Union Learning, saw the creation of a screen-writing group. Tasters screen-writing sessions, funded by the WEA, ensured that there was enough interest in the workplace to develop a full programme of learning. Sessions were delivered at two different times, to meet the needs of workers on various shift-patterns. Literacies learning was embedded in an informal way by a WEA tutor working in collaboration with a screen-writing teacher. The groups wrote, produced and filmed seven short films and went on to engage in a range of other creative projects. Two years after the original taster sessions were delivered, 9 participants gained Adult Achievement Awards.

If you think your group or workplace might be interested in learning through creative writing—whether it’s poetry, scree-writing or short-story-writing—please get in touch. The WEA might be able to arrange a taster session to gague interest, or if your group already has an idea of what it wants to do, we have a range of experienced creative writing and literacies tutors ready to get your project going. If you’re interested in finding out more, please get in touch with: Bex Walker at [email protected]